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Qatar Airways Virtualies the leading national flag Airline, In state of Qatar and a member of IVAO, Our main hub is Hamad international Airport,We operate Scheduled flights to a variety of a destinations in Middl-East, North africa, East Asia, Europe & North and East America, However we are Simulating real life flying operations in IVAO Online network using Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS9-FSX) & X-pane - P3D - FSX Steam, And We are in no way affiliated real Qatar Airways. If you are looking for Qatar Airways we kindly ask you to go www.QatarAirways.com .
This statement is the solid base of our Website and would not accept any claims from real life Qatar Airways or any other thied parties around this Website and Statement.


441 Pilotstd
201 Aircraft
974 Schedules
2920 Completed Flights
1 Flight(s) today
10696.03 Hours Flown
3614096 Miles flown
201 Aircraft in Fleet

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Current Flights

Pilot Flight Number Aircraft Departure Arrival Status Distance/Time Remain

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Last 10 Flights

Flight # Departure Arrival Duration Pilot Aircraft Landing Rate Status
QTR 774 SBGR OTHH 13.51.07 QTR0127 Andrés Morales Cabrera B777-300 -265 ft/mPending
QTR 774A SAEZ SBGR 02.41.24 QTR0127 Andrés Morales Cabrera B777-300 -474 ft/mPending
QTR 773A SBGR SAEZ 02.56.00 QTR0127 Andrés Morales Cabrera B777-300 -68 ft/mPending
QTR 247 OTHH UBBB 02.43.49 QTR0003 Mohammad AlQadeeri B787-8 -185 ft/mAccepted
QTR 773 OTHH SBGR 15.17.14 QTR0127 Andrés Morales Cabrera B777-300 -85 ft/mAccepted
QTR 442 OTHH ORBI 02.02.07 QTR0601 Mohammed Alsadi A320-232 -631 ft/mRejected
QTR 1083 OKBK OTHH 01.31.52 QTR0414 Erick Ceja B777-300 -45 ft/mAccepted
QTR 1082 OTHH OKBK 01.35.08 QTR0414 Erick Ceja B777-300 -189 ft/mAccepted
QTR 419 OLBA OTHH 02.50.08 QTR0643 Tri Junanto Setyoadi B787-8 -104 ft/mAccepted
QAC 8996 OTHH VHHH 08.12.34 QTR0046 Ivan Santiago Hernandez Gonzalez A330-200F -370 ft/mAccepted
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