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Pilots: 150
Total Airline Hours: 12,002
Flights: 3,184
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 4,035,321
Aircraft: 201
Passengers: 25,980,412
Routes: 974

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Posted by Bader Alrandi on 06/10/2018

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Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
QTR1427Tri Junanto SetyoadiOTHHHAABA320-23203.24-130 ft/m Pending
QTR69Ömer Ege ÖzkanOTHHEDDFB777-30005.54.49-299 ft/m Accepted
QTR777Gabriel TrabaniniOTHHKMIAB777-20014.05-342 ft/m Rejected
QTR276Ömer Ege ÖzkanEHAMOTHHB777-30000.09-667 ft/m Rejected
QTR275Ömer Ege ÖzkanOTHHEHAMB777-30005.45-271 ft/m Accepted
QTR891Ömer Ege ÖzkanZSHCOTHHA330-20208.40.37-477 ft/m Accepted
QTR774Andrés Morales CabreraSBGROTHHB777-30015.31.35-52 ft/m Accepted
QTR739Ömer Ege ÖzkanOTHHKLAXB777-20015.54.56-191 ft/m Rejected
QTR240Ömer Ege ÖzkanLTBAOTHHB777-30003.58.36-125 ft/m Accepted
QTR1166Mateusz StacheraOTHHOERKA330-30200.47-334 ft/m Accepted

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Recent Activity

QTR0643 Tri Junanto Setyoadi has filed a PIREP from OTHH to HAAB View Flight Report

QTR0767 Ömer Ege Özkan has filed a PIREP from OTHH to EDDF View Flight Report

QTR0700 Gabriel Trabanini has filed a PIREP from OTHH to KMIA View Flight Report

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